What we offer

Artistic imagination and creative vision.

We design spaces where ideas and techniques-represented through form, light, textures, materials, and colours-combine to fulfill our aesthetic, spiritual, and cultural needs.

Practical and technical knowledge.

Ensuring we create spaces that are safe, efficient, sustainable, and meet economic needs.

Interpersonal skills, psychological understanding and ethical practice.

Which provides us the ability to craft spaces that fulfill the complex, and sometimes conflicting, needs of clients, users, and the community.

a few words about us



The Principal Partners of KRN TOLENTINO ARCHITECTURE LTD.  have been providing professional consulting services within the Regina and surrounding area since 1998, collaborating with a great many different firms over the past 18 years. Incorporated in  2008 as KRN Residential Design Ltd., the company quickly grew, forming the commercial division KRN Tolentino Architecture Ltd., which was incorporated in 2013. Combining the forces of both these corporations, enables KTA to successfully manage multiple projects with vast diversity and scale.

KRN TOLENTINO ARCHITECTURE LTD. offers professional consulting services in a variety of capacities to suite our clients' needs and expectations. These services include Conceptual Planning & Pre-design, Feasibility Studies, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bid & Negotiation, Contract Administration, 3D design, and Urban Planning & Design. Our services require that we commission and coordinate multiple disciplines, ensuring that each and every project is effectively designed with efficiency and accuracy.

KRN TOLENTINO ARCHITECTURE LTD. has a fully staffed office in Regina, Saskatchewan, with a wide variety of experience, diversity and expertise.

The team at KRN TOLENTINO ARCHITECTURE LTD. shares a vision which includes our clients. We want to understand your needs, solve any problems, and make you feel in control of your project. Our vision is to provide design services in an environment that is professional, yet personal. With this joint collaboration between client and architect, we can achieve exceptional and highly functional designs, with a perfect fit for the end user.

The Creative Team

  • Mara Marata

    Intern Architect, Energy Modelling Specialist, Designer…

  • Akinsola Omolola

    Architect, SAA Bachelor of Science in…

  • Brenna Ritter

    Senior Architectural Technologist Architectural & Building…

  • Kara Olson

    Senior Architectural Technologist, Designer Architectural &…

  • Lance Kruger

    Senior Architectural Technologist, Designer SAIT Polytechnic…

  • Olivia Shaeffer

    Intermediate Architectural Technologist; Kitchen Designer, Interior…

  • Sydney Wonnick

    Junior Architectural Technologist Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose…

  • Yash Paneliya

    Intern Architect, Bachelors in Construction Management,…