Thank you for rushing the presentation and uploaded on YouTube.

Don was busy presenting to the huge crowd in the House yesterday evening.

I loved it. Great work guys!

Thanks and talk soon, Elaine

Don Anderson & Elaine M. Fong, Stand Sure Business Innovation & Sweet Bakery Coffee House at 2445 Broad Street (Anderson House)

I really appreciated your support in this whole process. My last experiences were painful in regards to dealing with the city and this time was a piece of cake! You were ahead of the curve in any situations here. Thanks to your professionalism!

It was a real pleasure having you represent Avena.

Thank you for all the support


 Nathalie Paquin, VP Operations, Avena Foods

Yes, we did receive the permit.  So, all of the documents you submitted see perfect!  Thank you for getting them all together quickly and efficiently!  I think Ron also ran over some large hard copies to the City Engineer-thanks!!

Cari Thiele, Beyond Words Speech-Language Consultants