Effective January 1, 2019,  the Province of Saskatchewan will enforce   the National Energy Code for Buildings  2017  (NECB) and Section 9.36 of the National Building Code 2015.

Our team specializes in energy efficiency/sustainable consulting  and whole building energy simulation modeling for Commercial and Residential Buildings. We uses Energy modeling softwares  that can assess and demonstrate performance path compliance with  the National Energy Code  for Buildings  (NECB). Below is a list of our offered services:

  • Building Energy Modeling for NECB Compliance;
  • Building Energy Modeling for Section 9.36 of the NBC Compliance;
  • Prepare NECB Project Summary and Reports; Energy Efficiency Compliance Forms  or other documentation   required  for  Commercial and Residential Building Permit application submissions;
  • Performs inspections/field reviews to ensure substantial compliance with
    the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB).

Please note:

  • Section 9.36 of the NBC 2015 applies to:
    • Part 9 buildings of Group C occupancy;
    • Part 9 buildings of Group C, D, E, or F3 occupancies where the combined floor area of non-residential occupancies does not exceed 300 m2 ;
    • Note: Section 9.36 does NOT apply to all Part 9 buildings. Therefore Part 9 buildings that do not fall within the scope of Section 9.36 are required to adhere to the NECB;
    • Section 9.36 will be applied to new buildings and additions. Consideration will continue to be made regarding the application to alterations and renovations.
  • NECB 2017 applies to:
    • Part 3 buildings;
    • Part 9 buildings that are beyond the scope of Section 9.36;
    • Any building to which Section 9.36 applies, but the owner/applicant chooses to conform to the NECB;
    • The NECB specifically applies to new buildings and additions.

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